About Avtaara


AVTAARA in Sanskrit means ‘Incarnation’. Quite literally, Avtaara is out there to re incarnate diamond jewellery in its current form – by moving from earth mined diamonds to nature friendly and affordable Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Our dream is to make diamond jewellery accessible to every woman irrespective of her age or income. Lab Grown Diamonds cost nearly half, if not less, than their natural counterparts while bearing the same chemical, optical and physical properties of natural diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds are produced using cutting edge technology to capture the brilliance of natural diamonds in a laboratory, eliminating the need to dig miles into the heart of our planet.

We invite you to travel this new path with us and adorn yourself with a chic piece from our bespoke collection. You would have done your bit for our beloved Mother Nature, the reduced pinch on your pocket is just an added bonus!

About Our Founder

AVTAARA is founded by Anushikha Sanghvi Shah, an Engineer and MBA from Mumbai.

She observed that jewellery is available to a privileged few due to the high prices of raw materials like diamond and gold. Wanting to break this barrier she founded Avtaara, to create precious jewellery by replacing natural diamonds with Lab Grown Diamonds. Thus, making jewellery a real investment as the consumer is effectively only paying for Gold.

Her vision is to make Avtaara a household name in the jewellery industry by making diamond jewellery accessible and affordable for all.