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"Had a wonderful experience buying an anniversary ring from Avtaara. The owner, Anushikha is highly passionate and explained everything around the purchase of the ring and about lab grown diamonds in great detail. Found out it is one of the first LGD brands to be launched in India, as back as 2018! Highly recommend anyone wishing to purchase a lab grown engagement ring or other luxury piece of jewellery to contact Avtaara once."

-Darshil Shah Via Google


"For anyone looking for Lab-Made Diamonds, look no further. Given this was completely new territory for me, trust me when I say I've done my share of research and can vouch for the fact that Avtaara is the best option in Bombay. Anushikha is a passionate small-business owner who will ensure that you get the best quality diamonds, the best service and competitive prices. She was personally involved in making sure I get the best experience - whether it was in making small decisions regarding the ring itself or the resizing that I had to do (twice!). Strongly recommend Avtaara, you don't need to look anywhere else!"

-Ritanshu Kashyap Via Google


"An elegant piece for every budget, trusted and reliable... beautiful designs"

-Yashvi Shah Via Google


"Had a wonderful experience buying an anniversary ring from Avtaara. The owner, Anushikha is highly passionate and explained everything around the purchase of the ring and about lab grown diamonds in great detail. Found out it is one of the first LGD brands to be launched in India, as back as 2018! Highly recommend anyone wishing to purchase a lab grown engagement ring or other luxury piece of jewellery to contact Avtaara once."

-Prathmesh Sinkar Via Google

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Of course, Lab-grown diamond jewellery does have a resale value. Just as natural diamonds have some resale value, lab-created diamonds have a similar resale value as a portion of the original sale price. There is around a 15-20% deduction depending on the policies of the respective jeweller selling them.

Each piece of jewellery sold on Avtaara is 100% Certified. When you buy diamond jewellery online from Avtaara, along with your jewellery you will receive

  1. A Certificate from a leading diamond grading lab certifying the weight and clarity of Lab Grown Diamonds used in the product.
  2.  Gold product will also carry a BIS Hallmark certifying the gold karatage of the product.

There are a lot of benefits when you buy diamond jewellery which is made up of lab-grown diamonds as compared to natural ones.
1. Lab-grown diamonds are purer than the naturally mined diamonds because unlike them, synthetic diamonds do not have any dirt or impurities ingrained in them
2. Diamond mining can damage the earth substantially. Mining natural diamonds uses colossal amounts of fossil fuel: but synthetic diamonds have none of these issues. In fact, with the demand for diamonds continuing to rise and the supply of mined diamonds being predicted to dwindle, it is a far more sustainable choice to switch to growing diamonds instead of mining them
3.You can save as much as 50% if you buy lab-grown diamond jewellery online or offline which means you can get a bigger stone for the same price, or you can save up to buy something else in the future!

You should shop at Avtaara as we are one of the select few websites which deal exclusively in diamond jewellery made from lab-grown diamonds. You can gain from our expertise and strong supply chain by shopping with us.

Whenever you plan to buy diamond jewellery online and want to ensure your diamond is authentic always ask for a certificate from your vendor, which will mention the 4 Cs of a diamond. All of Avtaara's jewellery pieces come with a certificate of authenticity from reputed diamond grading labs.So you don't have to worry about genuineness when you buy Lab Grown Diamond jewellery online from Avtaara.

Round brilliant diamonds are generally the most commonly used diamonds in modern-age diamond jewellery resulting in a deeper market for these diamonds. That said, other cuts like princess allows you to invest in a larger stone at the same price.As we experienced with most of our customers,they prefer to go for round shaped diamonds when they wisely invest in lab grown diamond jewellery from Avtaara

We unfortunately do not have a physical store. But if you'd like to meet us and see a few of our pieces in person before deciding to buy diamond jewellery from us you can surely book an appointment with us

Buy Diamond Jewellery Online

Diamond is a legacy forever!

As they say, Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. Indeed! Diamond jewellery has been very precious to women for ages. Diamond jewellery showcases a multitude of different categories to choose from and pick the pre-eminent. With modernization and rapidly evolving fashion trends, diamond jewellery and its designs are also changing with vogue. There are hundreds of lab grown diamond jewellery brands that claim to sell good-quality lab-grown diamonds in india. Still, only some prove it with the utmost customer satisfaction and certified best-quality lab-grown diamonds. proves its tranquillity and eminence in the lab-grown diamond jewellery industry.  Our lab-grown diamond jewellery designs are expressly created, keeping in mind the current tendencies and conveying the need for little yet elegant everyday jewels. Searching for your favourite diamond jewellery online can be a tedious task; Avtaara brings you the right and reliable platform to browse through an outstanding collection of lab grown diamond jewellery with the most reasonable prices to add some trendy twinkle to your day-to-day appearances.

Avtaara’s gorgeous collection is stirred by the modern and global trends divulged across esteemed international fashion weeks. We bring you more than 100+ diamond jewellery designs to select from, including striking pendants, gorgeous necklaces, magnificent earrings, salient bracelets, and exquisite rings for women. We present a wide range of affordable lab grown diamond jewellery starting from 6,000 Rs. to 2,00,000 Rs.  Buy diamond jewellery online at Avtaara embossed with different varieties like Yellow-Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold of 14 karat Gold.  

Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery designs- Stand out from others and let them do the talking! is a veracious and virtuous website to buy diamond jewellery online with a unified and extravagance experience. 

Browse for the right deal from our elite collection of Diamond jewellery designs with exclusive price, event, karat, design filter, and much more to abridge and modify your buying experience online. Our craftsmen are committed to making exquisite jewellery designs that complement your look and elevate its worth.

Whether dressing up for family function, an important client meeting, an evening out with your girls, an exciting date with your loved one, or just to go out shopping, lab-grown diamonds in India will complement and enhance every outfit you pair them up with, let your jewellery do the rest of the talking.

Buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Online  From Avtaara

In our online catalogue, the line-up of lab grown diamond earrings online comes with many designs and motifs. These chic and beautiful styles are designed to wear every day for fashionable women and children. We deliver over 50 + diamond earrings designs, which are lightweight and compact so that you can wear them easily every day. Choose from a wide range of diamond earrings online such as hearts, starstruck, zeds, infinity, Huggies, ear cuffs, and more to fit your perfect dress up with your fashion game.

There is a ring at Avtaara for every event and every frame of mind. With a range of 50 + stunning patterns and eye-catchy styles, our diamond ring series includes rings you’d like to flaunt every day. A magnificent variety of styles, such as Standard Rings, Cocktail Rings, and many more, complement your appearance. What is more exquisite than a solitaire ring? We have a range of stunning solitaire ring styles available for you to select from. These rings are made with supreme quality lab diamonds in India

Avtaara showcases the most stylish range of diamond necklaces that will bring just the right amount of sparkle to your outfits. We’ve designed our diamond necklaces in such lightweight and elegant charm that you can wear them like any other casual jewellery every day. We’ve presented a wide array of fine-looking diamond necklaces online for you to select from,sleek diamond necklaces to short chic necklaces to stunning diamond lariats.  

We have so much to show, from plain diamond pendants to elaborate ones with patterns to blow your mind. A wide variety of lightweight pendants with cvd diamonds suitable for every event. These diamond pendants online, available in yellow, white, and rose gold, are inspired by International Patterns to send you the latest and the freshest. 

  • Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets Online – 

An ornament that every woman will use lifelong is a simple diamond bracelet. It is jewellery that’s both elegant and contented. Its cross between sensuality and vivacity is the best jewellery gift for every woman that speaks your heart’s desire. This gold diamond bracelet for ladies is often worn for any occasion and can complement your beloved.

In today’s modern era, Diamond bangles are not just a cut of traditional jewellery worn at marriages or anniversaries. Unique diamond bangle designs at Avtaara crack the outmoded law and take daily jewellery to a different level. We offer you a wide variety of plain, sophisticated, and fashionable diamond bangle styles personalized to your minimalistic tastes. Our diamond bangles online are available in all sizes, with a range of sophisticated and frothy designs like round bangles, open-top, oval bangles, and cuffs.

Avtaara rare alluring collections

1. Solitaire diamond collection

Gorgeous lab grown diamond rings online collection. Our range of these elegant, sophisticated Solitaire rings has come to symbolise the most important moments of life, from special anniversaries to weddings. 

2. Wear your heart on your sleeves diamond jewellery collections. A stunning Diamond Pendant in the shape of a heart may make a great gift for any birthday, anniversary, holiday, or big event! This feminine and sentimental pattern inspired a collection of unique jewellery models in lab-grown diamonds and gold. 

3. Geometric diamond collection

The fact is that geometric design is universally appealing. The idea is that some patterns remind us of beautiful things in nature, which build peace of mind. These designs are ideal for your casual, working, or party wears.  Explore all the diamond jewellery designs and let your sheen take over all the compliments!

No need to wander from store to store, to look for lab-grown diamond jewellery that fits your budget, or worrying about traveling home securely with a jewellery bag. Just visit and surf through our exclusive range of certified and lab-grown diamond jewelry made with extreme and précised craftsmanship. You are only one click away for unlocking the most affordable, classy, and elegant diamond jewellery online for women.