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20 Diamond Jewellery Designs To Bring Out The Diva In You

Timeless Diamond Jewellery Designs That Every Woman Should Own

Every woman has a beautiful diva hidden inside of her and sometimes all you need are dazzling and glittering diamonds to bring her out. This is why we have specially curated a list of the 20 classiest and most elegant diamond jewellery designs that will make you look and feel like the diva you are. 

1. Solitaire Lariat Diamond Necklace: 

If you want pure grace and elegance draped around your neck then this gorgeous Solitaire Lariat Diamond necklace is perfect. This rose gold lariat necklace pairs well with any ensemble casual, formal or party wear and is an amazing way to make a subtle style statement. Bejewelled with 2 diamonds of GH colour, VVS-VS clarity and of 0.25 cts each, this stunning necklace will help you steal the spotlight and make every woman green with envy. 

rose gold lariat necklace

 2. Solitaire Station Diamond Necklace:

Captivating white gold and sparkling diamonds blend together to make this arrestingly beautiful solitaire station diamond necklace. If you are looking to grow your lab-grown diamond jewellery collection, then this piece will be a perfect addition. Studded with 3 diamonds of GH colour, VVS-VS clarity and of 0.25 cts each, this necklace will help you make an elegant and sophisticated style statement.

white gold solitaire necklace

3. Stackable Diamond Necklace:

If you love jewellery that has a subtle and simple minimalistic design but still adds a beautiful sparkle to your look, then this yellow gold stackable diamond necklace is the perfect necklace for you. Beautifully designed with 29 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this necklace will steal your heart and make you want to wear it with every outfit. 

4. Splendid Sun Pendant: 

Shine like the splendid Sun and add a hint of sparkle to your outfits with this absolutely stunning yellow gold sun pendant. A beautiful hue of gold and sparkling diamonds come together to create a duality of colour and class. Studded with 7 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this splendid piece made of eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds is made with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled skill and talent.  

yellow gold sun pendant

5. Double Infinity Ring: 

Add infinite sparkle and class to your ensemble with this yellow gold infinity diamond ring. Adorning this beautiful ring will give you your most elegant look whether you are the host or the guest of a chic gathering. This dazzling diamond jewellery piece is bejewelled with 21 diamonds of VVS-VS clarity and GH colour. It is the perfect blend of glittering diamonds and timeless gold. 

yellow gold double infinity diamond ring

6. Poetic Pendant: 

Just like good poetry soothes and pleases the soul, this gorgeous White gold poetic pendant pleases the heart and soothes your craving for glittering diamonds. If you want to add a subtle sparkle to your ensemble then this pendant is perfect. Whether you pair it with your formal or an elegant dress, this beautiful pendant goes well with any outfit. Encrusted with 22 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this sparkling pendant will steal your heart. 

White gold poetic pendant

7. Mythology Bangle: 

Get lost in the beauty of palaces, and the magic of Kings and Queens with this royal and elegant mythology bangle. This white gold mythology bangle is the ultimate statement of elegance with just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication. Studded with 26 diamonds and of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this gorgeous bangle oozes class and is a definite must-have. 

white gold mythology bangle

8. Grazia Bangle: 

The latest technology, concern for nature, unparalleled artistry and lots of love have been used to craft this beautifully unique white gold modern bangle. The timelessness of white gold and elegant design rooted in minimalist modernity come together to create this dazzling bangle. This classy bangle is studded with 38 diamonds and is of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity. This pretty bangle should definitely be added to your treasure chest of glittering diamond jewellery designs. 

white gold Grazia Bangle

9. Essential Pendant: 

The name says it all! This beautiful rose gold essential pendant is one of those diamond jewellery designs that will help you steal the limelight at any gathering or soiree. Refreshing designs with spellbinding artistry create this vibrant pendant which will be the perfect addition to your chest of jewels. Encrusted with 15 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this pendant is the epitome of class and elegance. 

rose gold essential pendant

10. Horseshoe Pendant: 

Carry the magical luck of a horseshoe everywhere you go with this alluring yellow gold designer horseshoe pendant. By adorning this pretty pendant you can give a new definition to elegance and grace. Studded with 12 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this stunning pendant is a reflection of timeless beauty.  Subtle yet sophisticated diamond jewellery designs like this beautiful Yellow gold designer pendant that exude magnificence and adds shimmer to your ensemble. 

yellow gold designer horseshoe pendant

11. Blooming Flower Ring: 

Look as pretty and beautiful as a blooming flower with this charming white gold blooming flower ring. Stepping into a classy soiree, and adoring this beautiful lab-grown diamond ring will ensure that the spotlight is on you. Encrusted with 10 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this alluring ring is the perfect addition to your treasure chest of jewels. 

white gold flower ring

12. Sparkling Infinity Earrings: 

Steal the spotlight and be the centre of attraction at all parties with our rose gold cocktail earrings! Awe-striking designs, ethical processes, unparalleled skill and lots of love come together to create the round-shaped diamonds set in the infinity curve of 14k rose gold. Diamond jewellery designs like this masterpiece add an aesthetic touch to your party ensemble. The gorgeous pair of earrings are studded with 42 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity. 

Sparkling Infinity Earrings

13. Salma Diamond Bangle: 

Simple, subtle and yet ethereal, this brilliantly magnificent Salma diamond bangle is a true work of art. Look resplendent in this vibrant rose gold Salma bangle crafted with spellbinding artistry and refreshingly unique designs. Bejewelled with 16 diamonds of Gh colour and VVS-VS clarity, this dazzling bangle on your wrist, will be the centre of attention everywhere you go. It pairs perfectly well with all ensembles and can be worn casually or as an elegant statement piece.

rose gold Salma bangle

14. Constellation Bangle: 

Shine, twinkle and sparkle like the dazzling stars in the alluring night sky with this refreshingly beautiful rose gold constellation bangle. This beautiful Rose gold modern bangle is one of those diamond jewellery designs that exude panache, pure elegance, and class while complimenting your ensemble effortlessly. Encrusted with 47 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this breathtaking bangle will steal the limelight and your heart. 

rose gold constellation bangle

15. Zed Pendant:

Add a sprinkling of sparkle to your look with this stunning and chic white gold pendant. This charming pendant crafted from timeless white gold and glittering diamonds will definitely help you look your best, most elegant and beautiful self. Studded with 10 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this radiant zed pendant oozes panache and grandeur and will make you luxurious. 

white gold zed pendant

16. Loopy Droopy Earrings: 

Whether it’s your birthday party, graduation day or promotion at work, make all your special moments sparkle with this exquisite pair of rose gold diamond drop earrings. Striking lab-grown diamonds are set in the meticulously crafted teardrop of 14k rose gold. Bejewelled with 118 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this refreshingly gorgeous pair of rose gold earrings will add sheer elegance to all of your outfits. 

rose gold diamond drop earrings.

17. Rainforest Bangle: 

Uniquely designed, uber chic, vibrant and extremely alluring, this white gold rainforest bangle adds just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble. Look absolutely stunning with this ultimate statement piece. Studded with 19 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, this aesthetic bangle adds flair to any and all outfits. 

white gold rainforest bangle

18. Crown Ring:

Every Queen needs her crown and you can wear yours in the form is this beautiful rose gold crown ring. Wear it by itself or stack it up with any of your other favourite rings to jazz up your finger jewellery. It’s minimalistic yet obvious and we promise you’ll be taken notice of at work or an evening soiree. Diamond jewellery designs like this graceful crown ring which is encrusted with 7 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity, make for a sensational style statement.

rose gold crown ring

19. Diamantine Bracelet:

 Simple, delicate and ethereal, this diamantine bracelet is a perfect style statement that exudes pure elegance, class and charm. The timeless white gold perfectly balances the sparkle and glitter of the lab-grown diamonds and will make you and your ensemble look dazzlingly resplendent. This bracelet with a refreshingly unique and minimalistic design is studded with 37 diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity. 

White gold diamantine bracelet

20. Chained Bangle: 

Elegant and ornate, this lightweight Rose gold chained bangle has been created using the latest technology, exclusive attention to detail, 100% lab-grown diamonds and lots of love! Sparkle and dazzle while adorning this beautiful rose gold bangle. Shimmers of rose gold and 78 lab-grown diamonds of GH colour and VVS-VS clarity perfectly mould together to create this strikingly gorgeous bangle. 

rose gold Chained Bangle

That brings us to the end of the list of 20 diamond jewellery designs that will make you look and feel like a diva. All of the pieces in the list are breathtakingly gorgeous and crafted with lots of love for the environment and you- the customers. We are committed to bringing to you the most elegant statement pieces that help you look your absolute best.

Embrace the allure of ethically sourced and exquisitely designed lab-grown diamonds, making a conscious choice for both style and the planet. Explore the 20 dazzling diamond jewellery designs at Avtaara and adorn yourself with timeless beauty that reflects your commitment to both glamour and sustainability. Happy Shopping!

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