What is Avtaara ?

Avtaara is India’s leading online portal selling precious jewellery studded exclusively with Laboratory Grown Diamonds.

Why does Avtaara only use Lab Grown Diamonds in their jewellery?

Avtaara believes in making diamond jewellery accessible to individuals across all strata of society. We also wish to reduce damage inflicted on Mother Nature by commercial diamond mining. Avtaara aims to promote the use of Lab Grown Diamond which is a cheaper and eco-friendly replacement for natural diamonds.

Does Avtaara sell any jewellery with natural diamonds?

While we have taken care to make this explicitly clear at various places on the website and on individual product pages, we would like to reiterate that all jewellery sold on Avtaara uses only Lab Grown diamonds, whether expressly mentioned or not.

Can I order jewellery on Avtaara with natural diamonds instead of Lab Grown diamonds?

No. Avtaara will not customize jewellery with natural diamonds instead of Lab Grown diamonds.

Would the jewellery sold on Avtaara fall under Imitation jewellery category?

All jewellery sold by Avtaara falls under the Precious jewellery category. It is not imitation jewellery.

Are the metals used by Avtaara also Lab Grown?

No. All metals used by Avtaara are natural.

Lab Grown Diamonds

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds made using a scientific process which mimics the formation of earth mined diamonds in a laboratory. All Lab grown diamonds carry the same chemical, optical and physical properties as that of natural diamonds. They have the same brilliance, hardness and durability as natural diamonds.

How are lab grown diamonds different from natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds differ from natural diamonds only in their source of creation – man made vs natural. They replace the need to mine into the heart of Mother Earth, thus making them eco-friendly and also cheaper.

What is the difference between Lab Grown Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Cubic Zirconia is not a diamond, it is only a diamond alternate. Cubic Zirconia does not possess the same chemical properties or hardness as that of a diamond, whether natural or lab grown.


What certificates accompany each product sold on Avtaara?

Each piece of jewellery sold on Avtaara will carry the following:

  • A Certificate from a leading diamond grading lab certifying the weight and clarity of Lab Grown Diamonds used in the product.
  •  Gold product will also carry a BIS Hallmark certifying the gold karat age of the product.


What are the payment options available on Avtaara?

We provide the following payment options:

  •  Net Banking
  •  Debit/ Credit Card
  •  Pre-paid cards
  •  E-Wallets

Please note that Payment on Delivery option is not currently available on the Website. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.


Does Avtaara charge for delivery?

All products sold on Avtaara are shipped free of charge to our customers.

Will my product be safe while being shipped?

Avtaara uses multiple layers of packaging to ensure the safety of your product while in transit. Your product is as precious to us as it is to you.

Is my product covered by insurance during transit?

Yes. Each piece of Avtaara jewellery you order is insured till the time it reaches your doorstep. So you can sit back and relax while your precious little jewel reaches you.


Does Avtaara ship product outside India?

Unfortunately, we currently only ship product within India. But keep your sights on us as we will go international soon!

Is same day delivery available?

Only in a few cases, please refer individual product page for this option.


What if my product is damaged during transit or had a manufacturing defect?

We take utmost care while manufacturing and packaging our products for you. Despite our efforts, in the very rare occasion you may receive a piece which was damaged during transit.

Don’t worry! We will be happy to replace it for you or pay your money back. All you need to do is to send us an email with a clear picture of the damaged piece within 15 days of delivery. Our team will get in touch with you with further details as to the collection of the product. Please make sure you return all the material including the packaging with the product.

One the product is received by us, after a quick verification of the product, we will initiate a refund of your payment for the damaged product. Please note that no refund will be processed if it is found that the product was damaged after it was delivered.



Our products are carefully designed to ensure that the weight mentioned on the website is as close as possible to the final weight of the finished product.

Sometimes however, the actual quantity of gold or diamonds used in the product ordered by you may vary from the specifications mentioned on the website.

In case of such a variation we will recalculate the price of the product based on the parameters mentioned on the product page and refund any excess amount back to you. A final invoice with the revised and final price will accompany the product.