latest diamond bangles designs

Latest Diamond Bangle Designs That Will Leave You In Awe

Modern Diamond Bangle Designs For Women

Every dollop of jewellery you own contrives your personality, a little bit your persona, and a little bit your taste. In today’s world where everyone is constantly uncovering different ways to let their individual selves stand out, what better way to express your individuality than with statement jewellery that speaks for you. Wear a diamond statement piece to a party, and no one would resist taking their eyes off you. Urbane and charming diamond bangle designs entwined with your delicate wrist will surely be head-turners.

A diamond bangle can elevate the look of any outfit and are ‘you cannot go wrong with’ accessory for casual looks, the office, and especially formal attire events. They make you look suave and stand out among the crowd and at times can also be a conversation starter.

Here we are with some latest diamond bangle designs that may reach up to your expectations. We hope you find your perfect diamond for every special occasion you want to attend. Simple Diamond bangle designs are inexorable for women who are madly in love with wrist-wear trinkets. Be it a wedding, brunch meeting, outing with friends, or office meetings, women find their look incomplete without an apt bracelet.

Diamond bangles and bracelets can feature architectural prong styles to add dimension, linked chains, embellishments, curved designs, sleek satin, or brushed metalwork. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect diamond bracelet, defining your persona, these are the most popular settings and styles that you’ll want to consider:

1. Tennis bracelet

One of the most popular diamond bracelet styles is the “tennis bracelet,” but not every bracelet with diamonds is the ever-present “tennis” design. A diamond tennis bracelet is composed of a seamlessly linked chain of round cut diamonds. The link chain design gives the bracelet the flexibility to bend and move. Tennis bracelets can feature bezel settings to secure the diamonds in place or even three or four-prong mounts for each diamond. A diamond bracelet can be styled in many different and unique settings to create a piece that is personalized and perfectly suited to each individual.

2. Dainty Classic Bangle

This classic bangle can never go out of style, with the precious metal band and round cut diamonds placed precisely at a definite distance, molding together to create a lab-grown classic diamond bangle piece that leaves you awestruck.  The contrasting of the white shimmering diamond with the yellow or pinkish glint of gold should be a must-have in your lab-grown diamond jewellery collection. We, at Avtaara master these simple diamond bangle designs.

3.Grazia Bangle

This amazingly quirky white gold diamond bangle is crafted with the latest technology, unmatched artistry, and lastly, with lots of love and warmth. Can never be outdated, white gold with urbane design comes together to create this dazzling bangle. This opulent bangle should be a must-have addition to your fine diamond jewellery designs.

This modish bangle is studded with diamonds and is of GH color and VVS-VS clarity. It has a pave setting that ensures a good hold to the diamonds. A pave setting means that the diamonds are embedded within the metal; prongs are still used to ensure that the diamonds are secure nicely.

4. Mythology Bangle

History will never be boring after seeing these classy diamond bangle designs. Escape into the palace of royalty, where kings and Queens reside with this elegant mythology bangle. This rose gold mythology bangle is the ultimate statement of elegance with just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication. Studded with 26 diamonds and of GH color and VVS-VS clarity, this gorgeous bangle bridges the gap between classy and traditional.

This 14-karat rose gold diamond bangle bracelet is flexible and adjusts to fit the circumference of your wrist. Subtle, elegant, and full of finesse, this rose gold diamond bangle bracelet is open on the top of the wrist and has a flower detailing with round cut lab-grown diamonds studded at its center, faced by a pyramid shape embedded with round -cut diamond. It appears as if the two ends are trying to touch each other but are unable to do so.

5. Barely there bangle

Once forgotten, yellow gold bangles and bracelets are now coming back in the league over the past two years. They exceptionally suit the warmer skin tones, radiating them with their amazing solar color. At Avataara, we master in these thin 14-carat yellow gold pave diamond bangles, fully handcrafted and set with brilliant round cut lab-grown diamonds that seems to be our specialty. The yellow gold diamond thin bangle minimalism is balanced by the forty-four diamonds embedded in a row. This yellow gold fine diamond jewel symbolizes infinite love. Let your spouse be seduced by the elegant radiant shine of this yellow gold pave diamond thin bangle bracelet!

6.Constellation Bangle

Your search for a dazzling, attention-grabbing trinket for a perfect Indian evening party ends here. This shiny, twinkling bangle would be the perfect statement piece for you. Just like the dazzling stars in the alluring night sky. This refreshingly beautiful rose gold constellation bangle will be a gleaming show stopper and a head-turner. This beautiful Rose gold bangle comes with a clasp for keeping it secure where it belongs: on your wrist. This piece is one of those diamond jewellery designs that ooze oomph, pure elegance, and poise and complements your outfit at the same time. Ingrained with 47 diamonds of GH color and VVS-VS clarity, this breathtaking bangle will steal the limelight and everyone’s heart.

7.Touch me not Bangle

Just like a touch me not plant, this bangle with its Umber chic, detailed, dainty design is ready to steal your heart. Round bangle with a soft curve, looks like a vine swathed around your wrist, with 36 diamonds adjusted in the shape of leaves. The 14-carat white gold gives it all the more delicate look which can’t be a more perfect way to try out this look.

8. Rainforest Bangle

It’s raining diamonds! We all wish for this statement to be true! Well, we made this happen with this aesthetically pleasing bangle that will make you look absolutely stunning.

Studded with 19 diamonds of GH color and VVS-VS clarity, this aesthetic bangle adds oomph to any and all outfits. It adds the right amount of dazzle to your persona with a peerless, ritzy, vibrant, and extremely breathtaking design of this white gold rainforest bangle.

9. Diamantine Bracelet

Simple, delicate, and ethereal, this diamantine bracelet is a perfect style statement that exudes pure elegance, class, and charm. The timeless yellow gold perfectly balances the sparkle and glitters of the lab-grown diamonds and will make you and your ensemble look resplendent. This bracelet with a refreshingly unique and minimalistic design is studded with 37 diamonds of GH color and VVS-VS clarity.

10. Love always Bracelet

Want to give an everlasting gift to your beloved?

Let these two entwined hearts speak your heart’s desire to them. A cross between sensuality and sparkle, the two overlapping hearts one embedded with nineteen round cut lab-grown diamonds and the other with a sunset glint speaks of the eternal love. This gold diamond bracelet for women can be worn for any occasion and will complement a maiden as well as a married woman.

Plush and ornate, this lightweight gold chained bracelet has been created using the latest technology, clannish attention to details, and 100% lab-grown diamonds cut perfectly to fit in the bracelet. A diamond bangle design with a price like this is a must-have! Sparkle and dazzle while adorning this beautiful accessory. Shimmers of rose gold and nineteen lab-grown diamonds of VVS-VS clarity perfectly mould together to create this strikingly gorgeous bracelet. Its shimmering rose gold, an alloy, adds softness and is light to the wrist.

If clothing is cake, jewellery is icing.

A bangle or bracelet on a woman’s hand can make the outfit complete on its own. Most of the time, bracelets and other hand jewellery make your hand look more seductive and slim and a beautiful bangle only adds to the outfit. They not only look great but also make you feel confident and chic at the same time. A bangle that speaks to you can make you feel at the top of the world and for the record; diamonds, gold, and fine luxury jewellery are always in demand. Our authentic jewellery is made with outstanding materials that can last a lifetime and are imbued with the prestige of our brand. There is never a day where a girl can be satisfied with her diamond jewellery collection. At Avtaara, we make sure that you get to satisfy your cravings with some of our beautiful creations. Buy diamond bangles online that you love and cherish the timeless beauty of these classic accessories!



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