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7 Best Diwali looks for women 2021

How To Style On Diwali: Diwali Look Book 2020

The five-day Diwali Festival always starts with full enthusiasm! We can’t just stay relaxed, as Diwali is just around the bend! Though we’re all looking forward to celebrating Diwali with our loved ones, it’s the thought of lining up in the most glamorous, opulent & scenic ethnic outfits for the pre-Diwali festivities that gets everyone enthusiastic. Since you’ve arranged for pujas and family celebrations, your social calendar is often full of invitations to various card gatherings. Getting dressed up in the finest Indian ethnic costumes and adorning sparkling diamond jewellery is just what Indians love, for this is a chance to enjoy Indian culture in all its glory. With the socializing breeze, these are also the days to show off your best set of silk sarees, photo-friendly lehengas, pretty jewellery, and other magnificence outfits. Although your holiday looks shouldn’t be limited to these unique orchestras! The Diwali week is so full of moments where you need to play a low-key game on your costume, and you’re always out there looking fab! We’re putting together some stunning Diwali look with chic dresses and our trendy Diwali jewellery that would make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Ready to spice things up, huh?

Diwali Look #1- Slay it with an overcoat

This saree trend is undoubtedly a “jackpot-Win”-you might have seen plenty of fashion bloggers on this eccentric look. We love the mix of wearing a long overcoat with a cotton or chiffon saree and a waist belt. This healthy movement has undoubtedly redefined the conventional definition. You can also use a diamond-studded necklace to make it all the more glamorous. Our dual heart earrings and a delicate horseshoe bracelet with Avtaara’s blooming flower ring are going to be your Diwali look of the year.

Diwali Look #2- Invigorating gowns

Ditch the conventional theme and flaunt a more modern look with long dresses and gowns. This would be the perfect outfit for women of all ages. If you want to lend your look a formal touch, go for gowns with beautiful embroideries and elegant embellishments. Such dresses are convenient-to-wear and are flawless for celebrations and Diwali dinners. It would be best if you paired your shift with a delicate pair of infinite charm earrings, or a dual heart pendant by Avtaara would also suit to complete the look for pujas and various other rituals. The slightly Indian touch of this outfit will improve its appeal and render it the ideal Indian Diwali outfit. For those who want to keep things plain, they should ditch embroideries and embellishments and go for ethnic patterns.

Diwali Look #3- Always a statement skirt and crop tops

Want to keep it traditional yet in a quirky way? Go for a pair of skirt and crop top, to bring up the jazz, make it monochrome like a peacock blue or the midnight black. This festival dress is ideal for those who want to add a western tone to a traditional style. Typically, the top and the skirt fit great in these styles of garments. But you can also get it tailored the way you want. A simple bright coloured top with a highly embellished skirt, a simple top and a skirt in different colours, or an intricately tailored blouse with a simple skirt are some of the types to choose from. Among many other Indian festival dresses, this one is very trendy among teenagers. After the dressing comes the part for the jewellery; with this merge, go for a poetic pair of earrings for a simply chic look, or you want to amp up your game, wear a solitaire station necklace, a beautiful blooming flower diamond ring, and earrings by Avtaara to complete this Diwali look.

Diwali Look #4- Wraparound sarees

Everyone loves a pallu flowing in the desi movies, but we are young women who always find ourselves in a problem of not knowing how to wrap a saree. Seeing that there is speedy advancement in every field, fashion is not left far behind. To save you from the hassle of going through the pain of draping the saree perfectly, with the right amount of pallu and proper pleats, markets now have ready to wear sarees called wrap around sarees. These sarees give you that traditional touch yet keeps it modern. Well, these wrap around sarees are generally close fitting and look lovely with a décolleté blouses. When you wear something like an off the shoulder top, you should go for the dressy lariat necklace that would bring all the focus on you. A beautiful, exquisite diamantine diamond bracelet and an infinite charm ring would enhance your Diwali look. Almost no outfit will make you appear more glamorous than a saree. When you prefer subtle styles, choose a simple saree, and match it with a chic blouse. You may also go for simple floral or abstract designs on chiffon or georgette. These sarees are incredibly lightweight, making them suitable for ceremonies and festivals.

Diwali Look #5- Palazzo suits

Today, the Palazzo suits are a rage with women of all ages. Ditch normal salwar suits for a change and instead pick quirkier palazzos to match it with a stylish kurta as well as a dupatta to complete your festive look. Thanks to its adaptability and flexibility, this festival outfit is ideal for traditional rituals. Pair it with Avtaara’s Salma diamond bangles and starstruck earrings would go perfectly with this attire.

Diwali Look #6- Palazzo and crop top

Giving a modern touch to the palazzo and suit can make you a little doubtful but trust us, it will be worth it when you see yourself in a palazzo and a boho-chic crop top. To give it a more traditional look, pair it with a designer dupatta and our circulo diamond earrings. To draw attention to your swan-like neck, you can go for a solitaire station necklace.

Diwali Look #7- Dhoti saree

Don’t ever overlook the influence of dull shades; it’s up to you to explore to get the most out of hues like chocolate. Much like a grey saree, it merely looks beautiful with an extraordinary blouse style. It’s great for a streamlined look since this one will never go over the top. It’s all about wearing a flattering dress! -Dhoti type saree with encircled hearts bangles in one hand and our round pave pendant is exactly what you need to attract everyone’s eye.

With all these Diwali looks guides, you can make a statement even this year; after all, this festival is all about spreading light and positivity. Get ready to rejoice and create some beautiful memories with your family and friends. Continuing to spread sparkle with lamps and Diya’s, vibrant fairy lights, tasty food, and lovely rangolis are the highlights of the Diwali festival. There’s really no pun intended, so here’s the expectation that Diwali is the bright light you’re looking for this year. Get this Diwali the most precious lab-grown diamond jewellery by Avtaara at a flat 5 % discount on all types of solitaires. This is a season for the premium Diwali discount to own a stunning jewellery set from Avtaara. Exclusive special Diwali sale up to 15 % from Avtaara, you can just simply buy it on this occasion and make your Diwali even more special.

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