Mother's day gift ideas

20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas In India For Your Loving Mom

Top 20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas India For Your Mother

It is a well-established fact that mothers are the cornerstones of humanity. Not only do they bring us into this world but they take care of us, nurture us. The examples of their selfless sacrifices and their great feats of love and bravery when it comes to their children are well-documented. Truly words fall short when trying to describe how amazing and important mothers are. However, sometimes we also fall short when showing our gratitude and love for our moms who do so much for us. Even though we should celebrate and appreciate our Mothers every single day, mothers’ day is a special day carved out in the threads of time especially for them. Therefore, this Mothers’ day, do something special for your mom. Looking for best mother’s day gift ideas in India Spend time with and shower her with gifts so that she feels cherished and loved. If you are confused about what gifts to give her, Avtaara has curated a collection of gorgeous and elegant jewellery specially designed for the amazing moms of the world. Read on to find out how you can surprise your mom with these beautiful gifts. 

1.Encircle Ring: 

This beautiful rose gold diamond ring takes glamour to a whole new level. It is simple and elegant that it can be worn every day but also gorgeous that your mom shines with beauty at every special event. This ring encrusted with 18 diamonds and 0.26g in weight has GH colour and VVS-VS clarity. It is truly a ring of beauty and perfect mother’s day jewellery for your lovely mom.
Encircle ring

2. Solitaire Halo Earrings: 

Mothers are angels and this is why they deserve their very own halos just like this brilliantly cut diamonds specially crafted in this pair of captivating yellow gold solitaire halo earrings. These gorgeous pair of earrings are studded with 42 diamonds of weight 1.2g. They have EF diamond colour and VVS-VS diamond clarity. When looking for mother’s day gift ideas in India, gift your mother these pretty solitaire halo earrings so that you can tell your mother that you appreciate and love her superpowers because she is a super mom.

Solitaire halo earrings

3. Rainforest Bangle: 

The beautiful and sparkling rose gold rainforest bangle will add a hint of sparkle to your mother’s look. This uber-chic bangle made from eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds is the perfect Mother’s day. Bejewelled with 19 diamonds having 0.6g weight, these diamonds have EF colour and VVS-VS clarity. Nothing can compare to your mother’s sparkling smile but this elegant rainforest bangle comes close. 

Rainforest bangle

4. Barely There Bangle:

This thin rose gold bangle designed through modern technology, concern for nature, skilled artistry and lots of love is perfect for mothers who adore simplicity and elegance. Encrusted with 44 diamonds weighing 1.62g, with EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this gorgeous bangle is a symbol of pure grace and sophistication. 

Barely There Bangle

5. Inseparable Hoops: 

These yellow gold big round earrings are impeccable works of art for the impeccable artist who used to transform your average 5th-grade science project into an A+ project and who used to turn normal sandwiches into gourmet food i.e. your amazing mother. Studded with a whopping 124 diamonds of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity and weighing the only 0.92g, this spectacular pair of earrings sparkle and shine like no other. So when you are looking for amazing mother’s day gift ideas in India these gorgeous Inseparable Hoops should be your first option!
Inseperable Hopps

6. Halo Dangler Earrings: 

Beautiful creations of artistic grace, this pair of halo dangler earrings are another ideal option for all the angelic moms. Encrusted with 38 diamonds weighing 1.18 g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, these captivating pair of earrings will surely bring a big smile to your mother’s face. So, dazzle her with these dazzling rose gold dangling halo diamond earrings.
Solitaire halo dangler earrings


7. Classic Bangle:

Go back to the classic with the elegant and ornate classic bangle. Shimmers of White gold and diamonds beautifully mould together to create this awe-inspiring lab-grown diamond bangle. This classic bangle is studded with 27 diamonds weighing 0.99g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity. The white gold classic bangle is perfect as mother’s day jewellery for those who want their jewellery to be simple and sophisticated and not flashy.

Classic bangle

8. Solitaire Stud Pendant: 

This gorgeous yellow gold solitaire diamond pendant will steal the limelight at every family gathering your mom goes to. With this artistically designed pendant adorned on her neck, she’ll soon become the envy of every relative. Studded with 1 diamond weighing 0.5g and of EF colour and VVS clarity this pendant wows with its refreshing novel design.

Solitaire stud pendant

9. Magdalene Ring: 

Add a twinkle to your mother’s eye and a sparkle to her fingers with this glamourous yellow gold Magdalene ring. Bejewelled with 77 diamonds and weighing 0.65g this gorgeous ring has diamonds with GH colour and VVS-VS clarity. Spellbinding artistry and vibrant designs make this ring a true work of art.
Magdalene Ring

10. Bedazzled Globe Pendant: 

Tell your mom that she’s your whole world by gifting her this uber-chic yellow gold bedazzled globe pendant. The pendant is studded with 70 diamonds weighing 0.48g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity. This dazzling globe pendant created with meticulous attention to detail redefines elegance and class and is perfect for the elegant and classy mothers out there. 

Bedazzled Globe Pendant

11. Forever Bangle: 

Show your mom that she’s your first and forever love and the most important woman in your life by gifting her this beautiful Forever bangle. Encrusted with 11 diamonds weighing 0.81g with EF colour and VVS-VS clarity this awe-inspiring lab-grown diamond bangle is a creation of beauty just like your lovely mom. This bangle is hence the ideal gift for mother’s day.
Forever Bangle

12. Lotus Dangling Earrings:

Brilliantly cut diamonds and meticulously crafted designs come together to create this captivating piece of art. Rose gold lotus dangling earrings are one of a kind jewellery that makes for an elegant statement piece. Studded with 14 diamonds weighing 0.2g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, these earrings are creations of artistic grace. They are a perfect mother’s day gift for all the elegant and graceful mother out there.
Lotus dangling earrings

13. Dancing Star Bangle: 

You might not be able to bring your mom the stars and the moon but you can surely gift her this beautiful and ethereal rose gold dancing star bangle. Encrusted with 44 diamonds weighing 0.78g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this gorgeous bangle sparkles and shimmers like stars. Treat your mom like the superstar that she is by gifting her the dancing star bangle.
Dancing Star Bangle

14. Rounded Cage Ring: 

Twinkling and sparkling, this yellow gold rounded cage diamond ring glows like no other. Studded with 39 diamonds weighing 0.59g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this glamorous ring is one of a kind and therefore should be gifted to a one of a kind person- your amazing mother.
Rounded cage ring

15. Diamond Tennis Bracelet: 

Got a glamorous Mom?You’re surely looking for extremely classy mother’s day gift ideas in India for your Mom? This classic tennis bracelet is reimagined in this novel glamourous shimmering avatar. If your mother is a fan of the classics then this stunning yellow gold tennis bracelet will be the perfect addition to her treasury of jewels. This bracelet is bejewelled with 53 diamonds weighing 4.64g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity. It is the perfect blend of elegant mother’s day jewellery with a twist of vibrant modernity.
Diamond Tennis bracelet

16. Three Stone Ring: 

This classy rose gold three stone diamond ring resembling a royal crown is perfect for all the mother’s out there who deserve royal treatment. Encrusted with 3 diamonds weighing 1g with EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this uber-chic ring is a style statement of pure elegance and grace.So when you are looking for amazing mother’s day gift ideas in India this gorgeous Three Stone Ring should be your first option!
Three stone ring

17. Solitaire Lariat Necklace: 

For the mothers who love the minimalistic aesthetic and revel in simplicity, this elegant and ornate yellow gold solitaire lariat necklace is the perfect gift. Shimmers of yellow gold and sparkling diamonds beautifully mould together to create this ethereal necklace. Reminiscent of constellations, this necklace is studded with 22 diamonds weighing 0.49g and of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity.
Solitaire Lariat Necklace

18. Eternity Ring: 

Celebrate the eternal and selfless love of your mother by gifting her this gorgeous rose gold eternity ring. Delicate gold and delightful diamonds come together to create this beautiful ring that gives a new definition of elegance. Encrusted with 23 diamonds weighing 1.86g of  EF clour and VVS-VS clarity this ring is a reflection of timeless beauty just like your lovely mother.
Eternity Ring

19. Radiance Pendant: 

The gorgeous rose gold radiance pendant celebrates mothers who are ever glowing and radiant. Delicately designed with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning flower pendant takes glamour to a whole new level. Studded with 25 diamonds of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this pendant is truly a work of art. Your Supermom deserves a superb gift so while considering mother’s day gift ideas in India this extremely beautiful Radiance Pendant has to be on your list!
Radiance Pendant

20. Circulo Diamond Pendant -: 

The sparkling and shimmering Circulo diamond pendant is a perfect mix of modern designs inspired by timeless beauty. Studded with 12 diamonds and weighing 0.21g of EF colour and VVS-VS clarity, this elegant pendant is perfect for special events and everyday wear.

Circulo Diamond Pendant

This brings us to the end of the specially curated collection of jewellery for lovely mothers. When you are looking for mother’s day gift ideas in India, lab-grown diamond jewellery which is as beautiful and precious as your Mom but not too heavy on your pockets is indeed the best option! know that a mother’s day gift should be a reflection of the mothers themselves. That is why all our jewellery is artistically crafted with care for mother nature as we use ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds and lots of love. Happy Shopping!


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