What is a Solitaire Diamond and How to Choose One Suitable For You?

Everything You Need to Know About Solitaire Diamond

 Solitaires are a celebration of magnificence and brilliance. Add a solitaire diamond to any jewellery to make a statement that lasts forever. Regardless of whether you are purchasing solitaires from your local jeweller or on the web, there are a couple of things you should focus on. In this article, we talk about all that you should think about before picking a solitaire.

What Is A Solitaire? 

The term solitaire is tossed around a lot, so it’s essential to understand what it means before starting your search for the perfect diamond jewellery. Solitaire means a diamond or other gemstone set in a piece of jewellery all by itself. This implies there is just one stone set in the article of jewellery. For a visual portrayal, envision a simple stud earring. A stud earring will be a classic solitaire setting as there is one stone in one setting, frequently a classic basket setting. Solitaire jewellery incorporates earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even men’s wedding rings. Fundamentally any type of jewellery is accessible in a solitaire design. A solitaire setting is popular for its simple style, however, that doesn’t mean it’s less stunning than some other designs. Wear a necklace that includes a huge carat weight pendant that will be similarly stupendous, if not more, than a halo style highlighting plenty of smaller stones. Regardless of what your style is, you can’t go wrong with a solitaire.

The solitaire as a gorgeous, elegant engagement ring has been around for quite a long time. Solitaire rings are sometimes given to celebrate other special events, for example, a significant commemoration, a milestone birthday or a personal accomplishment. In a solitaire ring, the centre stone is ordinarily upheld by prongs, as in a four or six-prong ring. Each minuscule metal claw grasps the diamond to hold it firmly in place. Prongs can be pointed, rounder, level or V-shaped (the last being the most widely used for Princess Cut diamonds).

In any case, your solitaire jewellery will be as beautiful or as terrible as the stone itself, right? In this way, it’s significant that you select your diamond with care. Here are a couple of valuable tips to help you out: 

How To Choose A Solitaire Diamond That Is Suitable For You? 

Tasteful and exquisite, solitaire diamonds can add a touch of brilliance to your look. When choosing a solitaire, it’s critical to focus on the features just as the quality of the stone. The quality of solitaire, so far as that is concerned for any diamond, is evaluated at four unique levels. These four levels stand for the 4Cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Let us take a look at every one of them in detail.

1. Cut:

The manner in which a diamond is cut is critical for how it will reflect light and how much splendour and shimmer the stone will display as a result. Round diamonds with cuts graded Fair or Poor typically look dull and lifeless contrasted with better cut stones. Ensure that the diamond you pick has a cut that is graded at least Good, and ideally Very Good or Excellent. A few cuts, similar to the round brilliant, render the stone more shimmer and splendour than others. Moreover, certain different cuts, for example, the oval and marquise make a stone look a lot bigger than it really is. The cut is the quality trademark you shouldn’t skimp on.

2. Colour:

Diamond colour is graded utilizing letters from D to Z; stones in the D-E-F list are colourless, and the more you go down the colour scale, the more yellowish colours you will see in the diamonds. It is normally not justified, despite any potential benefits to pay a premium for a completely colourless round diamond when a stone evaluated H, I or J will appear to be identical to the untrained eye. In any case, if you are purchasing a princess cut or an emerald cut diamond, you should stay with stones in the G-H-I shading range as yellow colours will, in general, be more obvious in such cuts.

3. Clarity: 

Most diamonds are known to have normal flaws in them. The internal flaws are known as inclusions and the outer ones are known as blemishes. How clear a diamond looks relies upon how obvious its interior natural flaws (inclusions) are. Diamonds whose clarity is evaluated as FL (Flawless) and IF (Internally Flawless) are at the top of the clarity scale. Our recommendation is to pick the one that is eye-clean, i.e., without any imperfections noticeable to the unaided eye when seen from a normal viewing distance.

4. Carat: 

The term ‘carat’ (generally abbreviated to simply ‘ct’) alludes to the weight of a diamond. A 1 1-carat diamond weight is about 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. Contingent upon the Diamond’s Shape and how it is cut, two 1 Carat Diamonds may be very different in size. While Carat weight is a component to consider when purchasing a diamond, the general appearance, brilliance and splendour should carry more importance. For instance, a poorly cut 1.5 Carat diamond won’t sparkle as brilliantly—or draw as much attention—as a brilliant 1.0 Carat diamond, regardless of how much more it weighs.

Choosing A Metal For Your Solitaire Jewellery: 

The metal a solitaire ring is cast with will decide how rapidly its parts will wear out. For instance, platinum is one of the sturdiest metals you can pick; however, it is also among the most costly.  Yellow gold is a good decision if you favour a warmer hue, however, this metal is generally delicate and easier to wear out. White gold isn’t as hard as platinum, however, it is stronger than yellow gold. Whatever your preferences, make certain to consider how regularly the ring will be worn and then pick a metal with suitable toughness. Whatever you do, our advice is to not set a jewel with obvious yellowish colours in a ring made of white gold or platinum as the white metal will make the yellow in the stone stand out even more.

How to Choose The Setting For A Solitaire Ring? 

The most well-known approach to mounting a diamond in a solitaire ring is by utilizing prongs or bezels. Prong settings leave a greater amount of the diamond visible contrasted with bezel settings. Nonetheless, prongs are additionally less protected, and that is the reason they should be checked all the more frequently for damage. Bezel settings are more secure as they hold the diamond with a band of metal, yet their drawback is that they will conceal a greater amount of the stone contrasted with prongs. Along these lines, while picking a setting, ensure you understand the tradeoff between safety and diamond visibility.

Now you are ready to buy the perfect and gorgeous solitaire jewellery for yourself or as your engagement ring. Here are a few of the best solitaire jewellery that is out there. All of these jewellery pieces are available in gold, rose gold and white gold and the diamonds are VVS-VS clarity and GH colour. 

1.1 Ct Solitaire Stud Pendant:

 Classic and elegant, this Solitaire Stud Pendant takes glamour to a whole new level. This dazzling pendant will add a twinkle of elegance to your outfits and ensure that you always shimmer and sparkle. 

yellow gold solitaire diamond pendant

2. Solitaire Stud Earrings: 

A striking design met with brilliant-cut diamonds create this pair of captivating white gold solitaire stud earrings! Minimalistic and elegant these earrings are perfect for daily use and will ensure that you ace your everyday look. 

white gold solitaire earrings

3. Solitaire Ring With Halo

This lab-grown diamond ring is the perfect choice for engagement rings. The solitaire radiates timeless beauty while the halo setting adds more sparkle to the ring. Dazzle your loved one with the solitaire ring with halo and it will be their perfect partner in fashion just as you are their perfect partner in life. 

rose gold solitaire engagement ring

4. 1 ct Solitaire Ring

This gorgeous and breathtaking white gold solitaire ring gives a new definition to elegance and is perfect to surprise your loved one with.  Delicate gold and delightful diamonds come together for a must-have indulgence that you are sure to always treasure. 

5. Solitaire Ring

If you want to go all out with your engagement ring and want to indulge in the finer and more luxurious things in life then this vibrant solitaire ring is just the right choice for you. A definite limelight stealer, the ring combines refreshing design with spellbinding artistry.

rose gold solitaire diamond ring

6. Solitaire Stud Necklace

If you love minimalist designs that feel luxurious and classy at the same time then you should definitely add this solitaire stud necklace to your chest of jewels. Beautifully designed with the best of the best diamonds and gold this necklace will definitely ensure that all eyes are on you.

yellow gold stud diamond necklace

7. Solitaire Lariat Necklace: 

Elegant and ornate, this lightweight Rose gold lab-created solitaire diamond necklace has been created using the latest technology, exclusive attention to detail, 100% lab-grown diamonds and lots of love! Shimmers of Rose gold and diamonds are beautifully moulded together to create the Solitaire Lariat Necklace exquisite and ethereal diamond necklace. 

rose gold lariat necklace

8. Solitaire Station Necklace: 

Indulge in some glittering and brilliant diamonds with the beautiful white gold solitaire necklace that will add shimmers of elegance to any outfit. Whether you are the host or the guest at a classy gathering you display your most elegant diamonds and Solitaire Station Necklace will definitely help. 

white gold solitaire necklace

9. Solitaire Halo Dangler Earrings

Brilliantly cut diamonds and meticulously crafted designs create this pair of captivating rose gold dangling diamond earrings. A definite masterpiece and creations of artistic grace these beautiful lab-grown diamond earrings will definitely charm their way into your heart.

rose gold dangling diamond earrings

10. Solitaire Halo Earrings

Make heads turn by wearing this beautifully crafted and elegant pair of solitaire halo earrings. This pair of dazzling yellow gold earrings will not only add chic elegance to your wardrobe but will also lend you angelic grace and beauty. 

yellow gold solitaire halo earrings

Solitaire engagement rings have numerous benefits- like their cost and style – yet they probably won’t be right for everybody. To see whether a solitaire ring is the correct decision for you or your life partner, choose if the qualities of the style exceed other styles. A solitaire ring is the most timeless engagement ring available. Its design will never become unpopular, regardless of how long it remains in your family tree. It’s likewise a foolproof decision in case you don’t know which engagement ring design to go with. Halo rings can be amazingly shimmery, while accented rings may not be handy for regular wear. Solitaire diamond engagement rings will give you the comfort you need, alongside the dazzle you’re searching for. The great style will likewise give you the biggest assortment of design features and stone shapes to look over. Some extravagant shapes are not offered in styles like a halo or three stone since they are progressively hard to cast, yet with a solitaire ring, you can decide from a wide selection of settings and centre stone alternatives out there.

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