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Wedding Jewellery Essentials For Every Indian Bride

Wedding Jewellery Ideas For Brides

Any type of bridal look is incomplete without a set of traditional jewellery. It is even better if that is a set of wedding diamond jewellery. There is a term that you may have heard of-solah sringar, which translates to 16 types of wedding jewellery. These are meant to adorn every part of a bride’s body from head to toe. However, a modern bride will always want to do it differently and keep it sober.

They prefer a minimal look over very heavy makeup or jewellery. The mantra now is to wear statement jewellery with very classy attire, and at Avtaara you will get precisely all that you would want for a beautiful wedding. A modern bride will hardly care about wearing all the 16 pieces of wedding jewellery. The priority for brides nowadays is the comfort of their look and wearing only the right things. These are mostly some classic pieces of jewellery that someone buys from a favourite store. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the most common pieces of jewellery that a modern Indian bride will want. Moreover, all of these pieces feature the most premium quality lab-grown diamonds from the very stylish diamond jewellery online house. Let’s now check out the list to help you get going with the wedding preparations. 

P.S. You might want to buy all of these because they are so beautiful! 

What are the most simple bridal jewellery pieces for an Indian wedding?

The statement ring

Before getting on with the main wedding celebrations, let us look at the statement solitaire ring with a halo on the bride’s finger. That is in itself a masterpiece of wedding jewellery for brides. This premium piece of jewellery from Avtaara is what every bride would love as her engagement ring, and since engagement is the first event at an Indian wedding, it is essential to get that vibe coming in. 

white gold solitaire ring for her

This one oozes out a whole new definition of elegance with the perfect combination of diamonds with gold. Besides, such a ring is a timeless piece of jewellery any woman can own. It is sophisticated yet so subtle and exudes magnificence. The same ring from Avtaara Jewelcarnation is also available in rose gold and yellow gold varieties. Wearing this signature ring with a halo design is going to add so much glamour to your attire for the day. 

Eternity band

When you know marriage is an eternal bond, why not get something to match the vibe of the occasion. The eternity bands from Avtaara are just the right match for any bride who deserves all the love and commitment on this day. This one is the most beautiful wedding jewellery with the most premium quality lab-grown diamonds in a unique pattern. 

White gold is the most subtle yet glamorous metal that anyone can wear, and a bride is a perfect suit for such jewellery pieces. You are going to sizzle on your wedding day, especially if you are wearing it with other sleek jewellery pieces. The eternity band from the brand is available in rose gold and yellow gold varieties too. 

Stac ring

It is your special day, and you deserve the best of everything, so don’t be shocked if your partner goes all out with a gorgeous Stac ring from Avtaara. It will make you fall in love with your partner and the ring seeing the heart patterns on the ring. Our brand is always known for creating the most quality and unique jewellery pieces that show spellbinding artistry. 

Yellow Gold Fashionable Diamond Rings

The Stac ring is just one of the gorgeous pieces out of the wide range of superb creations from Avtaara. The ring comes as a band design divided into 3 lines. The top and bottom lines have diamonds studded in single file. The middle line has small heart patterns studded with diamonds. This ring gives the illusion of having stacked 3 rings together. Hence the name “Stac Ring”

Chevron hoops

As mentioned earlier, modern brides prefer minimalism instead of going overboard whether it is makeup or jewellery. So, in earrings, they would prefer hoops, and classy studs, rather than danglers or other typical heavy pieces of jewellery. The Chevron Hugsies are an example of timeless meets modern and simple bridal jewellery.

This is one of those jewellery pieces that you can wear to events and parties even after your wedding. For example, for birthday parties, evening events, anniversaries, and more. The hugsies are available in yellow gold and rose gold varieties too. 

Solitaire danglers

Sometimes it is alright to go OTT, it is your wedding after all! We have the perfect earring to match your solitaire rings. Here we are presenting a beautiful pair of white gold danglers from Avtaara with the excellently cut diamonds.

white gold dangling diamond earrings

After all, it is your wedding day and you must stun everyone with dazzling diamond wedding jewellery set. Available in yellow and rose gold varieties, these danglers will go with your routine attires too. Besides, these are just a small glimpse of the wide range of diamond earrings from Avtaara’s premium jewellery collection. 

Exquisite diamond bangle

Of course,Bare wrists are a taboo in Indian wedding rituals,, and here is a glistening surprise for you. We are talking about the white gold touch me not bangle from Avtaara. Also available in yellow and rose gold variants, this is an exquisite bangle with a very traditional yet timeless Indian design.

Such a piece of jewellery will add to the elegance quotient of whatever you are wearing. There is no way your look will go unnoticed when you are flaunting such timeless and dazzling pieces of wedding jewellery

Rainforest bangle

It is time to add a touch of glamour to your already elegant look with this beautiful Kada style white gold Rainforest bangle from the very modest Avtaara collection.

The lab-grown diamonds added to the bangle look uber-chic and make for an ultimate piece of signature jewellery that any woman would want to own. Gold and white hues all come together to give it the unique dual-tone and the class that you see. The meticulous attention given to the details of the jewellery will make you want this more. 

Layered choker

Ending the list with the layered sphere choker necklace in rose gold from Avtaara’s exquisite diamond jewellery collection. The layered chains studded with diamonds, make this an evergreen piece of jewellery that will enhance the glory of your collection. Besides, it is a signature piece of bridal jewellery and will almost grab all the attention.

So, don’t worry about not wearing too much and leaving it simple. You must let your jewellery do all the talking here! This one makes for a great match with your evening gown for the reception!

The ones mentioned above are some of the grandest yet subtle pieces of bridal jewellery that any modern bride will want to flaunt. We hope that it will become easier for you to make a proper decision now that you have so many options. These are super elegant and exquisite designs. You can rest assured about the quality of our products because we are known only for the best!

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