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Diamond Necklace Designs That Will Help You Steal the Spotlight 

Modern Diamond Necklace Designs 

Diamond jewellery as a gift is most desired by every woman and are indeed a woman’s best friends! When you bestow a diamond set, whether on a special occasion or not, you will undoubtedly see a twinkle in the eye with a smile on the face. A diamond necklace is one of those jewellery pieces which adds to the allure and appeal of a woman. The diamond necklace designs you pick must make a woman feel that they were exclusively designed for her

All women would love to own at least a pair of diamond earrings, necklaces, or pendants in their jewellery box to adorn on special occasions. They add a touch of glam and can upgrade any outfit which you may choose to wear. The diamond necklaces at Avtaara are available in White gold, Yellow gold, and rose gold chains.

If it is your D-day, you must shop from our numerous diamond necklace designs! We’re sure you’ll find something that will complement your outfit. The necklace you wear will make you stand out and add to your mesmerizing sparkle. 

Everyone assumes that diamond jewellery is only to be worn on special occasions. We at Avtaara want to do away with this stereotype and therefore created sleeker designs to complement your daily looks. It does not look odd at all. Interestingly, it accentuates your beauty. If you think that wearing a chain is too much to carry, it depends on the design you want to buy. Whether you are wearing a gown, a simple t-shirt, jeans or a saree, diamonds will instantly elevate your look without looking OTT. Whether a jewellery piece looks overdone or not will completely depend on the design. If you choose a necklace with a small pendant, it will mesh with your outfit completely.

The care that you need to take when buying and wearing diamond necklaces is the same that you would take for diamond engagement rings, especially if you will be wearing them every day.

Here are a few fantastic collections of modern diamond necklace designs that you can find in our diamond necklace online collection.

Solitaire Stud Necklace

Solitaire stud necklace is one of those classic diamond necklaces which every woman would love to own and add to their jewellery kit. This is the kind of jewellery that is padded on as a legacy by older women to the younger generation. The simple design brings in a lot of elegance to the wearer. Pairing a simple outfit with this necklace will take your style quotient up a few notches.

It is a beautiful way to be the cynosure of your family party. Light-weight and easy to style this diamond necklace will always be in trend. You will fall in love with this piece as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Be on top of your charm at the parties with this hard-to-miss solitaire necklace!

You can wear this solitaire stud necklace even to the office. It is the perfect accessory to pair with your office trousers and shirts. More importantly, this necklace design even makes you look great in casual wear.

white gold stud diamond necklace

Solitaire Station Necklace

Whether you are the guest or host of the party; you can look radiant by wearing this piece of jewellery. It is one of the latest diamond necklace designs that is trending. The solitaire rose gold necklace would transform your everyday look into something extraordinary. You can definitely make heads turn at a party by pairing this solitaire station necklace with your ensemble,

Indeed, every woman likes to have one of these in their jewellery closet. Brilliantly cut diamonds and meticulously crafted designs create this captivating diamond necklace. You can swing it along with your everyday casuals or even pair it with chic formals. Solitaire station necklace is also available in a yellow gold chain and white gold chain. Amp-up your fashion quotient now by pairing this necklace with the right set of earrings!

Stackable Diamond Necklace

If you want to be the centre of attraction then this piece is a must-buy. Stackable diamond necklace is available in bezel casing with both yellow and rose gold chains. It will add the glamour quotient to your outfits. It is the perfect accessory for you to buy and wear for all special occasions. If you are planning to surprise your wife on her birthday or want to gift her something special on your 1st anniversary, think no further than our stackable diamond necklace. 

Receiving a diamond necklace is a joyous moment for every woman and there is no doubt she will be on cloud 9. This is also a great way to show how much you love and care for her. This stackable diamond necklace is a unique, rare, and perfect gift item. You can wear this necklace every day without worrying about the studded diamonds getting worn out. Our lab-grown diamond necklaces online are known for their purity.

Solitaire Lariat Necklace

This lightweight Solitaire lariat necklace is great to wear to parties! You can wear it for an hour at a stretch and will not feel any weight or discomfort! We at Avtaara give great attention to detail while creating our pieces. You will look truly elegant with the two diamonds studded in this necklace. All kinds of outfits are fit with this show-stealing piece.

These are a few types of diamond designs that you can style every day of a  week. If you are going to party during the weekends and wondering what jewellery to wear, then go for any of the above-mentioned simple diamond necklace designs without a second thought. Pair these diamond necklaces with classic solitaire earrings and you will be all set to steal the show. You can even adjust the length of this necklace with the spring ring closure. 

yellow gold lariat necklace

0.25 ct Bezel Necklace

The classic bezel necklace is a perfect addition to every jewellery box. It gives timeless beauty, and the evergreen design makes it ideal for you to wear on all occasions. You can put a smile on your loved ones face by gifting this necklace to them. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this piece, it is elegance personified. It is the perfect gift to bestow someone with on their birthday or even your mother on Mother’s day gift or just to make them feel special on any day. The delicate chain with the sparkling diamond looks classic and elegant.

Disc Loop Necklace

This disc necklace is a classic at its best. The diamond-studded disc will sit beautifully right in the centre of the neck.It is the perfect piece of jewellery to be adorned by a bride as well and is an undoubted fashion statement.

At Avtaara, we are proud to present you the best range of lab grown diamond jewellery. What you see above are a few examples of what should be on top of your priority list when you are going jewellery shopping. 


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